Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wear A Dress Day

June 1st is Wear A Dress Day! Pass this along to every woman/girl you know. For men it is Wear A Suit Day. I've been intentionally wearing dresses/skirts more often with the eventual goal of all dresses/skirts (with a few practical exceptions: working out, fly fishing, swimming).

I'm moving all my girls in this direction. The older two are a little harder. They are eleven and thirteen and I want to have their hearts in this, so I'm moving them slowly. We have been going through the book Raising Maidens of Virtue (By Stacy McDonald) so they can understand why I want them to make this change. If I just make them wear dresses/skirts then the point is missed.

My five year old doesn't mind the change for the most part and since I still pick her outfits daily, it's pretty easy with her. My 1 1/2 year old will be easy. By the time she has an opinion she will just know dresses as a way of life for us.

I like the change and I know people have noticed it. It is a good opening to share the Gospel as I explain that I'm choosing to dress more like the woman God created me to be.

Have any of you made this type of change? I'd love to hear about your transitions.


Jendi said...

I know I'm way late on commenting, but I wanted to say - Good for you! I don't own any pants and neither do my girls - to bring honor to the Lord. We do wear split skirts/culottes. God bless!

Dana said...

I'm late in commenting, too! We're moving in this direction also. About 18 months ago I only owned dresses. Not sure what happened because I really prefer them. My girls have more dresses than anything else, but they keep getting shorts and jeans as gifts. :-/


PS: I've been out of the blogging world for about a year. Nice to "see" you again!

Ketutar said...

Well... I prefer skirts but now I'm so fat my thighs can't handle it. You can have a skirt even when swimming, fishing and exercising.
In my mind "skirt-pants" as "split skirts" are pants too. If you put your legs in a piece of clothing consisting of one hole in and two pipes out, how ever wide and short the pipes are, you're wearing trousers. IMHO
I would say let your children wear what ever they like. It is not their clothes that bring honor to God, but their actions. I doubt there will be any difficulties in seeing they are girls what ever they wear.