Monday, May 10, 2010

Mom's Day recap!

My DH and children made sure my Mother's Day was a good one. Above are my gifts (of which I didn't expect). A wonderful drink dispenser, lots of Lipton tea and green tea, three homemade cards and a photo album with the children's baby pictures put in it. Plus... I didn't have to cook.

My oldest made me "breakfast at table". She sprained her ankle the day before and couldn't move around too much but still managed to scramble eggs and pour milk. The rest of the family either took care of their own breakfasts or I poured cereal and milk. For lunch and dinner my DH cooked and the kids helped. Garlic chicken, salad, fresh lemonade and baked potato for lunch and steak, sun tea and salad for dinner. Since DH is losing weight we had no formal dessert (sigh) but I whipped out the hidden Nutter Butters for me and the kids. (Yes, I'm a bad mother/wife- I hide cookies.)

I also took the time to listen to a download of Victoria Botkin's Curriculum Advice Volume 1 and read more of Steve and Terri Maxwell's Keeping Our Children's Hearts. Though I did feel guilty about this. I listened to the download out on our picnic table so I could hear and concentrate on it without interruption and read on our deck in a lounge chair with the slider closed and my 1 1/2 year old tapping the glass and smiling at me every few seconds. We also spent part of the day watching TLC's 19 Kids and Counting marathon as well as the new 1 hour special they had on the Duggars. The Amazing Race finale was also on so that was watched as well. Our favorites, "The Cowboys", came in second. (My niece Katie and I plan on applying to be on The Amazing Race. The experience would be great!)

All in all a very nice day.

My wonderful drink dispenser sitting out on the deck working on heating up that sun tea! Yum!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a blessed mothers day! I enjoyed looking at your blog! :)

Dana said...

Mmm...I want one of those pitchers to make sun tea in this summer. Looks like a lovely Mother's Day!