Thursday, May 2, 2013

Fresh Eggs!

I know you've all heard the hype.  Chickens on pasture lay superior eggs compared to commercial factory farms.  I'm here to tell you the hype isn't hype- it is real.  We are currently eating both types.  We go through a lot of eggs in this family and with only 6 adult layers right now (averaging 4 eggs a day) we supplement our fresh eggs with commercial ones from Costco. There is such a difference.  Even just looking at them.

Our egg yolks are deep in color not pale like store bought, the whites are firmer and less runny.  And the taste is... well... yummier.  I'm not a scientist so I'm not going to get into a nutrition debate but I do honestly believe I'm getting a more nutritious food item from my own eggs.

I challenge you to take an egg test.  Search out a local source for fresh, pastured eggs and purchase a dozen. (It's not that hard, chickens are very trendy right now.)  Do your homework though.  Go to the farm, check their feed etc. out.  If a farmer won't let you see the operation, think twice about purchasing from them. No use paying for eggs that aren't the real deal.  Once you have said eggs, heat up a fry pan and fry one pastured egg and one commercial egg side by side.  You should see a big difference and taste it too.

Top eggs are commercial, bottom eggs are fresh from our farm.  The difference isn't quite as stunning in the photo but it was very obvious in real life.

I also challenge you to find a way to fit real, healthy, farm fresh food into your budget.  If you stop buying Oreos and chips you may be able to afford a bit more healthier food staples.  Cook at home, grow your own, eat seasonally, start a buying co-op, purchase in bulk when the price is low and preserve it for later etc.  Be creative.  Take charge of your food and your health!

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Mother Hen said...

Totally with you on this one!We ran out of eggs about a year ago, and I bought the cheapie ones I used to buy. Yukkk! Never again!I'd rather have way too many hens than not enough.