Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Homeschool Photography

Last year my older girls did a study on photography.  This was not a class they took outside the home.  I do not like having to drive ten thousand places for every child so this was from a book checked out from the library.  They read it, studied and took notes on it and then I made assignments for them for each chapter.  They enjoyed it very much.  My oldest is even considering further study in the field.

One of my joys in homeschooling is seeing not only learning taking place but a love of it as well.  Now, you won't find my kids doing math for fun but just the other day the girls went outside and took these wonderful pictures all on their own.

I love it when learning becomes doing and time gets spent productively!

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Catherine Lewis said...

Those are excellent photos. I especially like the black and whites. Very talented. Keep it up. Good job mom in motivation.