Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Meet Farmer John!

Meet my wonderful husband, John.  He is the CEO of the Lewis family and a great man.  He works as a manager for Costco by day and is farmer, fisherman, daddy, carpenter, artisan, husband and John-of-all-trades the rest of the time.  We will have been married 20 years this October! He is equally at home with a chain saw as with a sewing machine. He's a handy cook (much more cheffy than me.) and chief tickle monster! God has blessed me well! There isn't much he can't do.  (He can't write poetry.)

 He makes incredible walking sticks from branches found laying around.

 A little carving, sanding, polishing, varnish and string...

 He has just recently built his first bamboo fly-fishing rod and hopes to make it into a business.

He whipped out this handy little bamboo scooper from some extra bamboo he had in the scrap pile. We use it to fill the chicken feeders.

What can I say?  How can I go wrong with a man who like to relax by watching the chickens!

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