Monday, May 6, 2013

Not Enough Internet!

Country life is wonderful, yet it has it's challenges.  One of them is lack of good internet options.  You know- high speed enough etc.  We are a 1/2 mile from cable- so close, yet so far- and my hubby didn't like the other options available to us.  What we finally settled on was purchasing our own Verizon hotspot.

I'm very happy with it except for one thing.  We only have so much internet use a month and then if we go over we have to pay extra $$$$. This family of seven uses a lot of internet (we are used to cable's unlimited access).  It never fails that towards the end of the billing cycle we run out of internet time.  We ran out on Saturday and won't have anymore (without paying extra) until this Saturday.

Hence I spend a lot of time at the library and Bigby Coffee about this time of the month.  It's also why my post will be short this week.  Having to leave the house to post is most annoying when I have a farm to plan and implement, homeschool to accomplish, children who insist on eating.  You all know the drill.  Any whoo...

I need to go feed my kiddo's some lunch and then go through internet withdrawals.  Good thing I have plenty to keep me busy.

What about country life do you all find challenging?

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