Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Spring Became Summer Today

85 degrees!  That's what the temp was today on May 1st.  Can I tell you that planting lettuce in that kind of weather feels just plain wrong.  All I'm asking for is dry, somewhat sunny, warmish day.  I'm good with 50's and 60's or even a low 70 but 85?  I am so tired right now and I don't feel I accomplished that much today.

House cleaned and morning chores done. Trip to the library done. (Probably the highlight of my day.  I picked up all of last year's Hobby Farm Home magazine issues for $1. They're mine all mine!) Weeded and then planted two types of greens. (Endive and Romaine Lettuce) Instructed kids on the planting of a row of peas in the no till bed.  Took care of chickens and chicks.  Hiked back to the stream at the back of the property because my daughters were certain that rhubarb was growing back there along with mint and lemon balm. (Ahhh... no.  I found nothing.  Later my hubby said he smelled onions back there.  Sure, right! ) Meals done. One very dirty young child bathed. (She made "worm cakes" today in the garden.) Plants watered and gardening supplies picked up.  Wow... I guess I should list my accomplishments more often.  I guess I did quite a bit.

Now, after I finish this post, I'm out to the fire pit to enjoy our first bon-fire of the season.  (With Smores!)  A nice hot shower and bed sound good too though.

 Kids planting peas
Peas are one of the easiest things for little ones to plant.  They are big enough for kids to easily drop into pre-dug holes.
Worm cake anyone?

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