Wednesday, August 7, 2013

And now we wait....

We had a busy day, yesterday.  My oldest had tryouts for the Grand Rapids Homeschool Performing Art's Production of Peter Pan. She said she did well.  Not perfect- I guess the dance portion could have gone better- but she is content with her audition.  Now we wait for the e-mail that tells her if she got the part or not.  She could know as soon as today or as late as the end of the month.  Many thanks to family and Mr. Herrick Kimball of the Deliberate Agrarian for their financial donations to make this happen for her and to the Weber family for hiring her for childcare.
She isn't after any specific part. In fact she'd prefer a smaller one since this would be her first production but I know she hopes to get A part.  Even just part of the pirate chorus.  I told her I know she tried her best and now all we can do is ask the Lord to guide decisions.

I also am playing the waiting game. I applied (via essay) for a scholarship to a local writer's conference this fall. Deadline for entries is 8/15/13 and then I might not hear till the end of the month also.  Don't you just love waiting?

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