Thursday, August 8, 2013

Do You Know Your Ice Creams?

I was flipping through the new issue of Mother Earth News and found a wonderful article on Ice Cream and I realized I didn't really know the differences between types of "ice cream".  Luckily Tabitha Alterman has set me straight.

Ice Cream is made with mostly cream.

Ice Milk is made with mostly milk.

Frozen Custard is essentially a frozen pudding made with eggs. (It's my fave!)

Gelato is made with whole milk instead of cream and is slow churned so less air is whipped in.

Semifreddo (I had never heard of this one) is ice cream or gelato combined with whipped cream or meringue. It has a marshmallow like texture and is usually served in slices rather than scoops.  It is an Italian dessert and the name means half (semi) cold (freddo).

Sherbet- milk or cream mixed with sorbet

Sorbet/Sorbetto is made with fresh fruit and water. Sorbetto has less water.  They are whipped to be lighter.

Ice- frozen fruit puree (or vege puree)

Granita- Sorbet with larger ice crystals and not stirred but scraped with a fork

For recipes and ingredient ideas check out the Real Food (Eat In Season) section of August/September's Mother Earth News.

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