Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Eat This... NOT That!

Eat This!
Our tomatoes are finally coming ripe fast enough to warrant a bit of canning tomorrow.  I have already pulled out my trusted Ball Blue Book and will be canning a few quarts of tomato sauce.

 I no longer buy pre-made pasta sauces but in the past I have depended on plain tomato sauce for my sauce base.  What is so bad about that?  It's organic right?  Yep, however the acidic nature of tomatoes causes the lining of the can to leak BPA into the food.  Uncool!

Not That!

My budget is miniscule and I can not afford the premium sauce that comes in glass jars but I am able to make my own! I urge everyone to try canning tomatoes.  They're pretty easy and the taste is awesome! Not to mention kicking one more nasty chemical out of the house.  Hmmm... seems our great-grandparents had it good!


The Paisley Butterfly said...

While in the past, there was more physical labor to provide the food, it surely was more wholesome and pure. Not to mention, the satisfaction in knowing you created the food: you planted, watered, fed, fostered the growth until harvest.
Being close to nature in the process is such an amazing gift. More need to get their hands dirty!
Our Tomatoes do not look quite as nice as yours, but they are meaty!

Cynthia (C.L) Lewis said...

I have plenty of ugly tomatoes too... I just arranged them for the picture. ;)