Monday, August 26, 2013

Fall must be on it's way!

Our first pumpkin (and probably our only).
We planted our corn, melons, winter squash and pumpkins in another area of our property then our other gardens.  It is amazing how the soil quality can be so different.  Since it was our first year planting we didn't amend the soil.  Most of our gardens did great but the corn, etc. did poorly.  I'm not surprised that the melons didn't do good as our summer was fairly cool and rainy but I'm very disappointed that I didn't get a lot of pie pumpkins. (My husband is sad not to get a lot of corn.)  We picked the beauty above before the chickens could get to it but I'm not seeing many more thriving.  Good thing for farmer's markets.  I will not partake in store canned pumpkin. Yuck!
One thing we were very surprised to get was Okra. I didn't think it would grow in Michigan.

We also got some broccoli (spelling?). We have never managed to get any before so small victories right?
Next year we will be laying on the manure and compost and making sure the soil is well amended so everything does well.
What victories and set backs did you all have this summer in your garden?


The Paisley Butterfly said...

Everything looks beautiful! Kudos on the broccoli :)

Cynthia (C.L) Lewis said...

Thanks! We get a handful of broccoli every couple of days. The kids like it.