Thursday, November 8, 2007

Christmas is around the corner...

Does any one else have Christmas sneak up on them? I've been thinking about it since August but suddenly it's mid-November! The time for thinking is past and now it's time for action. My to do list: Christmas shop/make gifts, wrap and send gifts that need to go to in the mail. Wait for snow (hopefully coming soon) so that we can take a picture for our Christmas card, write an update letter, send cards, bake and decorate sugar cookies, bake at least a couple of other types of cookies for the festivities, make fudge, make divinity, make at least one other type of candy. After Thanksgiving we will decorate and then I will wrap presents and stick them straight under the tree. The kids also need to learn their parts for the church Christmas play too.

The only "plans" (besides the actual holidays) we have scheduled for now are all on the 17th. A holiday parade our church is in and my husband's work party. I suppose I should practice hospitality and invite someone over at least once this season and I will virtually invite all you bloggers/blogreaders into the festivities too.

The key to a great Christmas season is moderation in all plans and keeping our focus on the reason we celebrate... JESUS!


Jendi said...

the 17th...what a great birthday! :)

Yours is in December too - right?

Cyndi Lewis said...

Yep! The 20th!