Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Lovely Little Ladies

Ladies who "tea"

Cake courtesy of Costco

The birthday girl is a bit lost!

Pinata fun

Pinata chaos

Little ladies in hats

My daughter had a wonderful birthday party. All her friends showed up dressed very lady like and brought their favorite dolls. We introduced each other and the dolls and then played a guessing game of unique kitchen and tea related items. The girls all recognized the tupperware orange peeler but the the pie bird left them puzzled. We had "tea" (really different types of juice) and cake and treats. We also had a pinata and decorated hats. The girls enjoyed the time of being real girls and doing femine things.

Our Pastor's wife, Jill Hendrickson, deserves a big shout out for hosting it for us! You're the best Jill!

A word to the wise: Stay out of the way of "little ladies" when there is a broken pinata spilling candy. They'll take you out!

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