Thursday, November 15, 2007

Still Waiting!

I love snow! I love to watch it fall. I love to see it accumulate. I love to take long quiet walks in in it. I love a good snowball fight, snow angels, sledding down hills and making forts and snowmen. I especially love coming inside after playing and sitting by the window with a steamy cup of hot cocoa. Every year about this time (when we live in places that it actually snows- San Antonio, TX was not a snow spot.) I start watching the weather reports diligently, waiting... hoping... wanting!

So far we've had one day with a few flakes in the air. Today we might see a few more in the air. (Yes, my nose has been pressed against the glass trying to see any.) But thus far my waiting has been in vain. The weatherman says that the end of November might see some snowiness. I can't hold my breath that long!

1 comment:

Jendi said...

I love snow too! We don't get much here, but I like every bit we get.