Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Recovering with crafts

Well, we are all on the mend but every last one of us still has remnants our colds. My oldest daughter got it first and the worst and she still is the worst. The other three kids got it only a little and the DH and I had it medium. The DH is still fighting it pretty hard but I'm on the mend. We took Saturday and Sunday as rest days. Sunday afternoon we worked on some christmas crafts for this year's gifts but most of the time we were just resting. The picture is of some little purses we made from Altoid tins, ribbon, stickers, buttons, magnets and other embellishments. We got the idea from American Girl Magazine.


Jendi said...

Very cute! Will the girls use them for Christmas presents?

Glad to hear you are almost all better.

Take care.

Cyndi Lewis said...

The girls made one for each girl cousin on my husband's side of the family. Three like pink, one likes blue.

Attn: Mom's of the girl cousins do not share this information with your daughters!