Tuesday, November 27, 2007

When a mess is made...

Last night my son had the unfortunate circumstance of tipping over a cup of soda that I was about to drink. I had placed it on the kitchen counter and left to do something else. In the space of a minute I heard it spilling. Now, it was an accident and no mischief was involved, but I decided that he was old enough to apply the "you made, you clean it" principle. So, not only did he need to sop up the liquid, he also got to scrub the floor- soda would have left a nice layer of "stick".

At first he was really enjoying it.
"Mom can I scrub the floor every week?"
I was amazed and answered, "Why yes! Yes, you certainly may."
Then he found out he needed to go over the floor with a rinse and wipe the floor down/drier with a rag and he decided that he did not want to do it every week.
Oh well, that's fine. The kitchen doesn't need it every week, but he did well enough that he gets it added to his chore list on an "as needed" basis. I think he will be a bit more careful from now on.

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