Thursday, November 22, 2007

A little Thanksgiving excitement

Here are my pies and pudding salad in all their glory! What you don't see is the haze of smoke lingering through-out the house.
I was toasting coconut for the top of the coconut cream pie and thought "broil" would do it most effective. Ahhhh.... yes.... a tip: don't go and do something else and forget about your coconut on broil.
I happened to spy a curl of smoke coming up out of the oven... ah, yes... the coconut... it must be just right! I opened up the oven to full fledge flames. My coconut was a bit more than toasted.
I quickly shut the oven, turned it off and called for the husband. "Honey, there's a fire in the oven."
"Big flames?"
"Yes, HELP!"
He came to my rescue and managed to get the aflame cookie sheet out and into the sink. As he's squirting the flames with our sink sprayer nozzle all I can think is, "The house is going to burn down and I wasn't even deep frying a turkey!" I so hate being part of statistics.
He got it out fairly quickly and the only thing damaged was the coconut. Upside: our smoke detector works!
After that fiasco I appointed the husband to toast and watch carefully a new batch of coconut. He turned the oven on about 350 degrees (not broil) and it came out beautifully.
That espisode brought a little bit of excitement into our day. Now we are off to our Pastor's house for dinner. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! And remember... don't broil your coconut while doing other things!

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Jendi said...

Thanks for the laugh! Glad you got the flames put out okay. I'll try to remember about the coconut. :)