Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Chirstmas Eve Tradition: The Family Gift

We open one gift that is for the entire family on Christmas Eve. Sometimes its a movie, sometimes its a video game: This year it was a board game. It was a hit. It took the kid's minds off of wanting to go to bed at 6pm so Christmas Day will come sooner. As it was I had the son in our bedroom at 6:15am on Christmas Day. He was told to grab a blanket and a pillow and lay down as it was too early. At 6:30 he went back downstairs to (so I thought) his own bed but then we heard him "drumming" on this plastic lego container with a tinker toy. Thus his two older sisters were woken up. At 7:00 we had the whole crew (even the 3 year old) jumping on our bed, chomping at the bit. I think we held them off until 7:30. Then we let them rip into their stockings and had breakfast. Next we read the Biblical Christmas Story and then finally let them at the presents. I'm always a little sad when it's over as it is such great fun.

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EdibleEducation said...

I had 4 sisters...2 older and 2 younger. The rule was we had to wait until the younger ones were up before we could get going on the presents.

Well let's just say there was a lot of toilet flushing - hoping that sound would wake the younger kids.

DOn't know if it ever worked...I'm sure we tried other things too - as it was I'm sure we were always all awake by 7 am.

Our kids must have been tired on Xmas eve b/c they didn't appear until almost 7 am (they usually wake during the week between 6 and 6:30).