Monday, December 24, 2007

Frosting Cookies

One of our family traditions is to bake and frost sugar cookies. Both my husband's family and my family frosted and we are carrying it on in our family. Since we already had the table full with treats we did our frosting on the coffee table. Yes, this could have been a recipe for disaster but it actually worked out quite well. The kids frosted, Dad oversaw the process and took pictures and I finished up the last of my cookie baking. I have learned to let go of visions of perfectly frosted and designed cookies and just let the kids have fun.
We are frosting people. I do not care for fondant. Frosting: 1 cup butter, 4 1/2 cups powdered sugar, 2 tblsp. milk, 2 tsp. flavoring (vanilla, peppermint etc.) Mix all together. More milk can be added to get it to a consistancy that you like.
We use cake decorator's paste food coloring to make the different base colors and then we buy tubes of other frosting from the baking aisle of the local grocery, we also use sprinkles, colored and candied sugar etc. if you can put it on a cookie... we have probably used it.
For those of you who dream of beautiful and precisely decorated cookies check out The Flour Pot Cookie Book: Creating Edible Works Of Art by Margie and Abbey Greenberg or check out their website They work with fondant but with a little more work you could do quite a few of the designs in frosting.

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