Tuesday, December 18, 2007

You know your 9 year old isn't feeling well when...

She is laying on the couch, covered with a blanket and asks for water in a sippy cup. She hasn't drank from a sippy cup in years. She asked for, "Water in a sippy cup with a plug." This is so she can drink while lying down. On the plus side, she did eat a good breakfast and says she's just feeling tired. I checked her forehead and she does have a slight temperature. The boy had the same thing last week for a couple of days- a fever and tiredness. These are actually sick times I don't mind. The kids are quiet and content on the couch and there is no mess to clean up. Where is wood for me to knock on. LOL!

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EdibleEducation said...

Sorry our dd is sick - mine is too! And she's been laying around on the sofa yesterday and today.

It came up very suddenly...we were out sledding and soon she was "exhausted"...we came home, awhile later I took her temp., and she had a fever.

She's talking today of a sore throat and has been sneezing...so I'm hoping it's just a regular head cold.

The only time my kids are usually quiet and laying around are when they are sick...and then what I wouldn't give for them to be their usual wild selves, so I could know that "all is well".