Thursday, December 6, 2007

Clearing the clutter

Declutter one

Declutter two

Decluttering three

picked up one
picked up two

picked up three

Mess One

Mess Two

Mess Three

Crystal, over at, has been running a challenge all week on making your house a haven. I've wanted to participate all week but it has been a crazy week. I haven't been overly busy, any more than normal, but things are just not running smooth. I was able to pick up my 3 year olds room on Monday, after a Sunday of not picking up, but "picked up" still was too cluttered. (I've let all my rooms go.)
Tuesday was the day of decluttering Reagan's room. She has a bad habit of going down to the playroom in the basement and bringing up toys to her room. The problem with this is, the toys just pile up in her room instead of going back down to the play room. So I sorted, I returned toys to the basement, I removed toys she's outgrown and doesn't play with anymore: I even managed to get rid of some of the broken toys and "Happy Meal" type things to the garbage. Then I organized. Now at least for the time the room is good.
I love to go in and look at the declutter. I still have more I can do but I am happy with the progress. I really can't be too prideful though. I shouldn't have let it get that bad. I hope to slowly work through the rest of the home and declutter.

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