Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas lights show off bad economy

I have the fortunate blessing of being born five days before Jesus' birthday celebration. (December 20th for the more math challanged readers.) Since my husband works very odd retail management hours and days, we decided to celebrate Sunday evening so he could actually be awake and not have to go to bed at 8pm. (Sunday's and Monday's are his current days off.)We went out for dinner (Outback Steakhouse- not the frugal part of the evening) and then, as tradition for my birthday, we went driving around looking at Christmas lights.

I don't know how bad the economy is in everyone else's area/state but Michigan is terrible. Constant job losses and no job growth. Houses for sale everywhere. Terrible forclosure rates. It is just not good here. We see it on the news, we see the homes for sale for a year or more. I've even taken to wondering when I see a house for sale if the people are in danger of losing it or have lost it already. Any whoo... all this to say, I have never seen more of a indicator of our tight economy then with what showed with Christmas lights.

There were so many houses this year that just didn't have them up. Also those that did have them up were very simple displays. There were only two flamboyant displays that we saw, one of which was raising money for charity. I think this is more of an indicator of our economy than anything else. Even if you still have a job, house etc., money just isn't abundant this season for most. The evening news keeps saying we aren't in a recession yet but it sure looks like we are in the Grand Rapids area.

We are having a smaller Christmas this year, no outside lights and we have our Christmas tree on a timer for just a little bit each day. Since we know and celebrate the real reason for the season, it isn't a terrible thing for us. We would still enjoy the day sans gifts and decor. (Though I do love both those things.) But I feel sadness for those that don't know Christ as their Savior and thus spend the season in dismay for one reason or another.

Jesus is the reason for HOPE... in any season!

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