Saturday, April 5, 2008

The creative mind of a 3 year old

I just had to laugh this morning. Jendi over at posted about her daughter's ability to make a doll bed out of anything. I had just left a comment about my daughter's ability to do the same thing and then walked into the kitchen to make breakfast when I spied some of her creative work: Some of her "friends", "sleeping" in their "beds". (Our shoe and coat area.) I couldn't pass up snapping a picture. (She of course insisted on being in it.)


Jendi said...

That is funny! My girls haven't used shoes...yet. :)

Marion said...

Hello, I happened upon your blog...what a great one!

I had to comment on the photo with your daughter in youngest, even at 10 will do the same thing...she has made doll/stuffed animal beds out of everything!

If you get the opportunity, take a peek at my blog and let me know you were there

Take care
Nova Scotia