Friday, April 25, 2008

How we spent our vacation- Part one

Aleah Hall and Reagan dancing- note the bowling shoes

Social butterflies- Gabriella Hall and Reagan

Bill and Heather Hall

Remington in action

The DH's work had a pizza and bowling party. Of course the DH drew the short straw and had to work during most of it, but the kids and I went and hung out with our dear friends the Hall's. (Mr. Bill also works for Costco.) We had a great time and Mr. Bill was nice enough to assist my son and youngest daughter with their bowling skills. He's already a father of six; little did he know he was going to play father to a few more that night.

I have tons of pictures from that evening but bowling doesn't lend itself to great pictures. Most of them are of people's backsides, watching the ball go down the lane. Just what you all want to see, huh?

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