Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The grounding

Well, daughters one and two were given a chance to put obedience into action yesterday. They are not allowed to bounce on trampolines. (The DH has made a final ruling in this.) Their friends are.
The girls came to me and asked if they could "sit" on the tramp with their friends. They were just going to be talking. I was dubious but decided that this would be a good time to see if they would be obedient. I said yes, they could sit on it.
Of course they gave into peer pressure. They jumped. I found out. They are grounded. No outdoors, no friends, no tv, no computer for a week.
I actually prefer it this way. This points them back to God, family and home.
It is scary to let them go and make their own decisions, bad or not. We had a good long talk. They thought I was wrong to let them go on the tramp at all. If I hadn't let them then they wouldn't have bounced, was their thinking. But at nearly 10 and 12, they have to start making right decisions on their own, all be it small ones. Hopefully next time they will make a wiser choice.
I plan to fill their time this week with cooking and quilting lessons.

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Dana said...

Good for you!

I had to take both girls to "town" today for errands. One of their favorite stops is the pet store where we get aquatic plants for the aquarium then they get to go look at the other animals. Audrey was not in a "listening mood" so we didn't get to go see the other animals. I told her it was too bad that we didn't get to go look at them because it would have been so much fun, but we can't do fun things like that if she won't listen and obey. She's almost 3 so you'd think she'd be starting to understand this concept.

Anyway, good for you for not letting this teaching opportunity just slip by. A lot of parents wouldn't have bothered to have a consequence for disobeying.