Wednesday, April 9, 2008

It's in the Bible!

Yesterday, I told my 3 year old that I needed to comb her hair. She immediately threw a fit and ran away. She returned a couple of seconds later with an open Bible. "The Bible says not to comb my hair!"

Sigh. That's a new one. No other child has ever tried that one before. So I explained to her that she could look all day but she wouldn't find that in the Bible. (Besides the fact that she can't read.) But the Bible does say, that children are to obey their parents.

We got the hair combed, we discussed that we do not add things or change things in the Bible to suit our purposes because the Bible is God's Holy Word. In the end, I have decided to be pleased with the entire situation because at three years of age she realizes that the Bible/God is to be obeyed.

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