Friday, April 11, 2008

Trip to the Children's Museum

Seven and Rem post officing

Post Master Seven

Will Hall and Bob the Builder

Reagan Puppy

Little Gabriella Hall planting flowers

Autumn and Aleah Hall

My little Poser

The Lewis Family and the Hall Family ventured out through the rain and wind last night to the Grand Rapids Children's Museum. On Thursdays from 5pm to 8pm you the entry fee is only $1 per person. This makes it actually affordable for larger families to go.

The kids had lots of fun but I don't think it is something we'll do again. It was more of a giant play area then a museum. My kids seemed to think playing at the Post Office set up was fun. (They definately have Grandpa Schuh blood in them. My dad retired from the USPS after 40 years of service.)

It was incredibly difficult to get good pictures. I didn't even get one of DD2. If I actually got my kids to stand still, then someone else's was running into the picture. (That's what we get for going on the discount night.)

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