Monday, April 7, 2008

Needleworkin' weekend

This weekend the girls and I spent our time outside on our deck in the warm spring sun, working on our stitching skills. We were inspired by Crystal's post on redworking a few days ago at (Crystal's blog). We aren't officially doing redwork yet. I started the girls (and myself) with the more simple, basic embroidery stitch. It was quite fun to sit and chat while working. The girl's will save their work for their future hope chests.

While we girls were stitching, the DH was working on his fly fishing. (In the front yard.) The neighbors found this intriguing.

And the boy... he spent his time in the back field in the dirt and sand. Need I say more?

Today, while the DH is off fishing (it is steelhead time) I'm going to work to accomplish the following...

1. Basic clean up of house

2. Change bedding

3. Start the week's laundry

4. Take kids to park

5. Reorganize pantry (again)

6. Bake/decorate cupcakes

7. Go to bookstore and investigate books on candy making

8. Stitch work

9. Prepare DH's lunch/coffee for Tues. work

I'll be doing good to get through the top 5, the rest would be icing on the day. Well, number 9 is a must do. The DH needs his coffee at 3 am and I like to feed him healthy instead of having him eat Costco food. (Which is good for a treat, but not every day.)


Dana said...

Looks like you have a lovely start on your embroidery!

What kinds of candy cookbooks/recipes are you looking for? I have a stash of recipes that I use mostly at Christmas, but all are "tried-n-true."


Cyndi Lewis said...

Hi Dana,
I'm looking for a beginner's guide to all sorts of candy making. Something to teach me techniques, with lots of pictures to inspire me. I want not only chocolates, but hard sugar candies as well as grandma type traditionals. I have recipes here and there but I was looking for a "teaching" book. I scanned on-line last night but decided I needed to see them in person to make a educated choice.

Mrs. U said...

Wow, have YOU got a busy day!!!!! But I am sure that you are well rested from the wonderful time you had with your daughters doing needlework. What fun!!!

Mrs. U

Brenners said...

That's a LONG list for a nine week pregnant lady. I applaud you!