Thursday, April 10, 2008

More on Candy Making

Can you guess what the pregnant lady is eating for breakfast as she types this? Ha... bet you can't... refried beans with lots of extra cheese and pinapple juice. Scared yet?

Continuing on with info from my new candy making book:

If you let caramels stand for 24 hours before cutting them it will make them less sticky and easier to cut. I can't imagine my family letting candy sit untouched for 24 hours.

Divinity, nougat and marshmellow are all classified as similar candies.

Homemade marshmellow creme is known as "mazetta" or "frappe"

There is a recipe called "Snicks" in the book which resembles a snickers bar. Uhmm... I am so gonna be trying that one! There is also a Mounds candy bar like recipe. I suppose you could add almonds if you are an Almond Joy person.

I have already ordered flip flop shaped lollipop molds to make lollipops for DD2's pool birthday party this June. All that is required for the recipe is corn syrup, water, sugar, flavoring and color. (And lollipop sticks if desired.)

The DH has two and half weeks of vacation coming. Little does he know that pulling taffy is on my agenda.

For those of you with frequent chocolate attacks: there is a great microwave no-fail fudge recipe. 14 ounces of sweet condensed milk, 12 ounces chocolate chips, pinch of salt, teaspoon of vanilla, nuts if desired. Microwave milk, chips and salt for two minutes (on half power), stir in vanilla and nuts, pur into greased pan, refridge until firm.

Tomorrow we'll have a little talk on chocolate, chocolate like substances and perhaps marzipan.

If I have piqued your interest in Candymaking (the book) or candymaking the subject, look for Ruth Kendrick and Pauline Atkinson's book: Candymaking. I found mine at Barnes and Noble and it is available on line as well.

A great source of supplies and ingredients is: . They are based out of Fort Wayne, Indiana. Perfect for us Midwesterners.


Dana said...

Here's my no-fail, very easy fudge recipe:

Melt 12oz bag of chocolate chips (or whatever kind suits your fancy) in a pan on top of the stove on low heat.

Mix in one can of frosting--not the whipped kind.

Add nuts if you'd like.

Pour into a greased pan and let set in the fridge.

Easy peasy.

You can change the chips and/or frosting flavors to get different kinds of fudge.

Vanilla chips with butter pecan icing

Peanut butter chips with vanilla icing.

The possibilites are endless!

The refried bean thing doesn't sound so good...but I'm not pregnant!!!

Have a great day!


Cyndi Lewis said...

My mind went to cherry icing and mint icing (seperate batches)with milk chocolate chips. I'm gonna have to try it. Oh if I only had some canned frosting on hand.