Monday, February 9, 2009

Crystal's cleaning dare!

This week's cleaning project

Still this week's cleaning project

Remainder of this week's cleaning project

Last week's finished project

Last week's finished project different angle

Clean and reorganized bookcase

Purged books for garage sale

Purged books for storage

Crystal over at hosted a cleaning dare last Monday and I finished it! Here are my results! Clean and uncluttered as can be. (I'm stuck with the t.v. and entertainment center until the DH decides what to do with them- though I'm hosting a breadmaking class in two weeks so he doesn't have too long to sit on it.)

This week's organizational chore is the computer hutch and file cabinet. For deep cleaning (it's not Spring yet) we are scrubbing the walls in the dining and living area and washing the inside of the windows. (The outside will get done when it really is Spring and the weather is warmer.)

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