Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Getting back on track

"Stop cleaning for a second Mom. Look what I learned to do!"

Ahhh... clean and organized!

Over at Crystal has posted about getting back on track. It is a very timely issue for me. My pregnancy and birth of my now three month-old daughter knocked me out of the loop for a while. Just within the past couple of weeks I have been working to get back on track. I'm back to serving and being involved in church again, rather than just being a body. I'm back to blogging and keeping up with family and friends a little bit better and I'm working on getting my house in order. I don't have anything special I'm doing but just making sure that I'm usuing my time wisely. I'm trying to get up a little earlier and work just a bit faster during the day. I'm not overdoing it but just getting 15 or so more minutes a day gets things a bit more under control. If I can suceed in getting my home reigned in then I can concentrate on money saving and earning issues. While I'm not sure I have the discipline to save 100% for a home like Crystal, I sure would like to have 20% to put down. In the past we've gone 3%, 5% and 0 down. Both my husband and I have been making strides to live within our means, pay down debt and start saving. It is good to read about others doing the same type of things. (Things my parents have always done and tried to teach me. Ahhh... the folly of youth.)

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