Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Works For Me Wednesday- Free is Good!

If you haven't heard, head on over to either of Crystal Paine's two blogs ( or ). She is sponsering a free entrepreneurial download from , a division of . It is an audio (MP3) file of Vision Forum's Entrepreneurial Bootcamp. If you were to pay for this it would cost around $100 ($65 on sale). If you are even the slightest bit entrepreneurial or thinking of starting a business of your own, head over and pick up the coupon code from Crystal that will allow you to download all 21 files absolutely free! This is only offered until Saturday so don't delay! I have wanted to purchase this for ages and now I was able to get it free! FREE works for me.

Also under Free works for me: I have a new pasta container. In its former life it used to hold "Pub Mix" a cheesy cracker/pretzel type snack mix by UTZ sold at Costco. Now, after said crackerage was eaten, the container stripped of its packaging and washed, it hold my spagehtti noodles. No more taping boxes or bags closed or accidentally dumping my pasta all over the pantry. FREE works for me!

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