Monday, February 2, 2009

Today's To-do's

Nope, Taylor doesn't really have anything to do with this post (besides adding a few items to the clutter pool) but the Grandma's get cranky if I don't keep them furnished with pictures.

Dining area/bookcase clutter

From any angle its still clutter!

Today I must:
1. Grocery Shop
2. Bring lunch to injured church family member
3. Bake bread
4. Declutter and clean dining area

This is all on top of the regular daily stuff. Over reaching? Yes, probably but eating is kind of important and I can't stand the clutter that has accumulated. We can not even begin to get to our table. We just replaced our dying tv and since my DH "had" to go bigger we also needed a new stand. So our old tv, the old stand and everything that was on it is shoved into our eating area. Add a plethora of baby items (car seat, diapers, toys etc.) plus an overflowing bookcase and just a couple of days worth of various items (laundry, snow gear, toys) and we have a BIG mess.

Off I go!
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