Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Help For Growing Families- Franklin Springs

Maybe I'm a bit behind the times but I just discovered Franklin Springs Family Media. It is a Christian family owned/operated company. They produce and film wonderful family orientated films and DVD's. As I ran down the catalog list they have available, I found 7 must haves for my family and the rest of the films also sounded uplifting and encouraging to my walk as a Christian and mother.

They have documentaries, instructional videos for men, women and children, and helps for the family. I can't wait to get my hands on their The Art of Breadmaking DVD, Inherit the Land, and The Family Meal Table. For my DH: A Journey Home. For my son: Measure Twice, Cut Once. For my girls: The Art of Candlemaking and The Art of Soapmaking.

I can see my brood having good family time watching these DVD's and applying what they've learned to their skill and knowledge bank.

For more Help With Growing Families check out http://www.shipfullofpirates.com/

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