Thursday, February 5, 2009

Homemade Thursdays

Okay, God made her but those Grandmas do get cranky if I don't keep them in pictures!

Book Cover Front

Book Bindings

Book Cover Back

Front inside page

Copyright page

Back pages

Mother Hen over at hosts homemade Thursdays. The only thing I've created recently is my 3 month-old daughter and God did most of that work. My DD and DH however were busy. The DH took all the "books" my daughter Andi wrote and illustrated (on computer paper), scanned each page into our computer, formatted them to book size, added front and back info pages as well as heavier paper for the front and back cover and bound them by hand. We now have a collection of very professional looking books all made at home. We have created (tongue and cheek) Lewis Publishers. Both my daughter and my husband are very proud of their work.


Mother Hen said...

Ok, Cyndi, I think you and I would get along very well. I am seeing that you are the "all or nuthin'" kinda girl. Oh soooo me too!
And that baby! What a sweetie!
Love your post! The books look very sharp. What a great job your family did on them. Just wonderful! Great job, Lewis family!
And could that daughter on the back cover look more like you?

Monica said...

That baby you made is such a cutie, and the books are great too!!

Mandy (UK) said...

Wow... your books look great! So professional. I'd love to write down all the stories my Husband used to make up for our children when they were tiddlers.