Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Resources For Homesteading and Country Life

We've made some programming changes with our cable subscription to save some $$. We have dropped the movie channels (Showtime, HBO etc.) because we just don't watch them all that much. Instead we added a different tier with the DIY network on it. Imagine my surprise to find out there is a cable channel for rural living- and we have it now! I love it. My favorite show thus far is Living The Country Life. If you go to the show's website you can subscribe to a free year of their magazine. Check it out at .
Another source in the past I have turned to and loved is Mother Earth News. I have ignored the title in favor of the good info the magazine provides. I have picked up issues here and there for the past few years and have never subcribed. Well, I won't be subscribing or picking up any more issues. In the News From Mother Column of the December '08/January '09 issue (Front of the magazine, Pg. 6) the article titled Three Mountains We Must Climb gave me a shock. They support population control and suggest that each adult only be allowed one child. (That would be two per couple- one for the man and one for the woman.) Oh, my goodness! Now if a couple chooses to have 0, 1 or 2 children that is their choice and that's fine as well as the choice to have more. But please don't tell me that the government needs to make that choice for me. I like the freedom the U.S. constitution gives me and I plan to fight tooth and nail to keep it. Mother needs to talk to the people of China- the people not the government- and find out how they like population control laws. I will not be a supporter of this publication until they change their stance on this issue.

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