Saturday, September 8, 2007

Homeschool Field Trip

Kudos to Classic Corners Inc.- Fine Art and Framing of Hudsonville, MI! For my children's art class on Friday we were studying how artists use light in their work. So of course I wanted to show them the work of Thomas Kinkade- The Painter of Light. One can look at his work online and in pictures (like the calender we have) but I wanted them to see what happens in one of his actual paintings when the lights are lowered and brought back up. (Lights seem to come on and go off.) We don't have an actual gallery in our immediate area but Classic Corners advertised that they have Kinkade paintings so in we went to see if they had light set up for dimming etc. They did and they were great to us. They allowed us to work the lights ourselves and take as long as we wished. Then I allowed the children to each pick a small postcard of his work and went to pay and we were told that we could have them free of charge. Then the man at the counter asked if we wanted to borrow a video tape on Kinkade. Yes! Of course! He came back with two tapes. One for us to borrow for a week and one for us to keep. How generous! Just for taking the time to be kind, helpful and go out of his way for us, even though we weren't there to purchase anything, he gained our patronage because I will go back to the store before any other if I need any services they provide and I will recommend them to others. My kids asked if we could get a Kinkade painting- not knowing what art goes for. I laughed and told them that since we couldn't live in one of his paintings, wear it as clothing or eat it that it was not feasible at this time. They will have to make due with their postcards and our calander.

A picture for this post will come as soon as my techy husband comes home. I'm having trouble with downloading them from camera to computer for some reason.
Update: The process is working just fine today with no help from the DH. Technology is so fickle!

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jendi said...

The postcards are nice enough to frame! I like Kinkade pictures. Sounds like a fun trip.