Saturday, September 1, 2007

Entrepreneurial Inspiration

I love a good success story. I also love a great entrepreneurial mind. As a home maker I am always looking for ways to bring income into the home and I admire all who have traveled that road. That is one of the reason why I'm highlighting Paula (Food Network star) Deen. As you may or may not know Paula had some struggles earlier in life and despite the hardships has done very well for herself. She started with a tiny sandwich business, moved on to catering and restaurantering, hosting her own t.v. cooking shows, writing cookbooks, snagging a movie role, becoming Editor-in-Chief of her own magazine, and publishing an autobiography. The thing that impresses me most about Ms. Deen, though, is not her many successful business ventures but her willingness to share her entrepreneurial success with her family and friends. In flipping through the lastest issue of Cooking with Paula Deen I saw: Captain Michaels's of Savannah- a coffee company she and her husband have started and Bloom- a Savannah Spa owned by her brother's daughter(?)- I forget the relation but it is family. She has helped her sons get Food Networks shows and cookbooks of their own and helped her brother open a restaurant. Family means a lot to her. Yes, she is in a financial position to do this but it really is more than money- its a giving of herself to others. A desire to see her loved ones reach their full potential and a chance for her to share her blessings with others. This is her true success and it is one that everyone can follow after.

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