Thursday, September 13, 2007

Proverbs 31 Entrepreneurship

It's on my heart to not only be able to wisely use the income my husband earns but also to use my position as a keeper of the home to bring in some income as well. I am on my knees before the Lord in this as I do not wish to embark on anything that does not have his blessing. I do not want to build a multi-national company or get "rich". That is not my intent. I am just blessed/cursed with an entrepreneurial spirit. My husband is for the idea as long as it doesn't take me from my current responsibilities and I very much agree. I would love to hear what readers see a need for in their lives or what products you would consider purchasing. Here is a list of some ideas I have:

1. Lampshade design (adding flare- fabric, beads etc. to basic bases.)
2. Cushion design (Unique home decor)
3. Handbag design (Unique handbags, totes, purses)
4. Video Production (Produce videos on home skills and arts from a Godly perspective.)
5. Game inventor (Games for children or adults to encourage and equip for Godly service.)
6. Homeschool tour provider (Organize and lead tours for homeschoolers)
7. Herb grower (sale of fresh herbs for cooking and crafting)
8. Vegetable grower (sale of fresh veges or u-pick)
9. Flower grower (sale of cut flowers or u-pick)
10. Provider of fresh eggs (Have never kept chickens before- a desire for the future)
11. Bread maker (not a bakery)
12. Cheese maker
13. Calligrapher ( for hire)
14. Greeting card maker
15. Photographer (still life, stock photos)
16. Pie maker (not a bakery)
17. Cookie maker (not a bakery)
18. Dessert maker (no store front)
19. Cookbook writer
20. Writer of e-b00ks, novels, non-fiction, magazine, newsletter
21. Designer of home fashions (pot holders, aprons, table clothes etc.)

What would you utilize and at what price points? Feel free to add something that didn't make it on the list. Please note, I do not currently have all the above skills but they are things I am interested in and would be willing to learn/perfect for income purposes.

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