Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Three recipe victories!

With the change of the weather to a more fall like pattern here in Michigan, I have been able to feel like I can cook more of a variety of "warmer" things. I tried three new things and the family voted them all wonderful.

1. From Seasonal Delights: Potato Chowder- I added garlic and some canned chicken to the recipe but other than that it was straight from the directions. My original plan was to add sausage but I didn't get it defrosted in time.

2. From Seasonal Delights: Tea with cream, sugar and vanilla. The kids were asking for hot chocolate but my stash is still secured away in our tent trailer as we have one more vacation trip coming up this weekend. I decided to try this recipe- hoping it would be sweet enough for their liking. Yep! Everyone but the 3 year old liked it. For the record she doesn't really like cocoa either.

3. From Musings and Mommy Stuff: Jendi's cake with fruit recipe that she just posted a few days ago. I chose to use blackberry filling. Even my husband who doesn't really like cake, liked this recipe. It was quick and easy too!

Here are the links: for the Seasonal Delights web magazine. They are offering a free year's subscription (4 issues) during the month of September. I recommend signing up for it. They've done a great job. Look for the post on Sept. 8th titled- Fruit Swirl Cake Recipe. Luckily I got the last piece (to eat and for a picture!)

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Kelli said...

I'm so glad the recipes were a success! I love the idea of adding garlic and chicken to the soup...yum!!!