Monday, January 21, 2008

Bring it on!

BBQ anyone?

You can see where the roof was covering the deck.

When it really snows, our roof does grow! LOL!

We got about a foot of snow over the weekend and six more inches or so is expected for today! I love it!!! I even drove in it yesterday. John had to work (inventory weekend) so I drove the kids and I to church and over to our Pastor's for a dinner. I drove in our 4 wheel drive vehicle and drove slow like a granny but in my opinion... better safe then sorry! We did the one car thing for seven years. I like having two cars and would like to keep it that way!

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Cookie said...

It was so nice to hear some one else say "I love it". I'm the only person in my neighborhood who seems to enjoy getting out with my snowblower. I love clearing my driveway, sidewalk and going all the way down the street. It's just like playing in the snow!
Have fun!!!! Drive carefully. Two cars are fun. I agree with that. -Cookie