Friday, January 4, 2008

Love the snow... missing the farm market!

I love winter. I think it ranks as my favorite season. But since I discovered the fresh goodness and affordability of produce at all the farmers markets and roadside stands in my area, I'm missing the food! Yes, I can get nearly every thing I want at the grocery- but it isn't cheap and since it is not in season here, then it has been shipped in from who knows where. I'm overwhelmed with a desire to go pick my own fruit and buy peas and beans by the pound off of a card table.

If I grew my own garden then I would be pouring over seed catalogs but, alas, since we rent, I do not grow one. The owner of our duplex gave me permission to put one in the back yard but our soil is mostly sand. We would have to spend quite abit to amend the soil to get it to be rich and healthy and we just don't want to do that in a space that isn't our own and that we could be leaving at any time.

I really appreciate the art of canning right about now and I'm wishing I had done more of it.

Anyone else getting early spring food fever?


Dana said...

I hear ya, sister! I'd love to have a tomato that didn't feel like an eraser in my mouth--not that I've ever bitten an eraser...well, you know what I mean! I canned nothing this year. Nothing. I've been thinking about going ahead and making some applebutter, but I cheat and make it from applesauce in the giant cans from the industrial food places. I wish I'd put up tomato juice, salsa, green beans.... A few years ago I bought a peck (I think) of green peppers and flash froze them after dicing them up. We ate those for an entire year. Why didn't we do that this year????

Have you thought about container gardening? You can get large tubs at dollar stores, add some topsoil with some vermiculite, and grow some killer tomatoes! We may do that this year.

I'm rambling.


Cyndi Lewis said...

I was thinking of container gardening but the husband pooh-poohed that idea. I think he thinks it would be too hard to grow things. Then again he may have been thinking of the cost of the containers. I think I will have to do some research. If I can get dollar store containers it might be worth it to do some tomatoes, lettuce and herbs. Oh... and rambling is allowed! LOL!