Saturday, January 19, 2008

What We Do When it's 10 Below!

Closet cleaned and organized (Still just as full though.)

Closet not cleaned or organized

It is snowing and snowing and snowing today, thanks to Lake Michigan and lake effect snow showers. We've gotten at least six inches since yesterday at 4pm. Normally my kids would be darting outside to play in all of it but not this weekend. It is only around 10 degrees outside and after you factor in windchill, it ends up being around 10 below. Not exactly temps that I want my kids out in. So what to do on a Saturday? Laze about? Not a chance. It is perfect house cleaning training weather.

I have a clean kitchen floor thanks to my middle two children who scrubbed, rinsed and dried it. I have a clean bathroom thanks to my oldest. And while directing the kids through that... (Yes, there was some whine.) I organized the only none bedroom closet this rental house has.

We are caught up on laundry and dishes too, all before lunch. Gotta love it when God grants swiftness, ease and energy to my day. After lunch my oldest wants to bake blondies for a church gathering tomorrow and I have a pie to make for dinner dessert tonight.

Lest anyone think I'm superwoman or I have this amazing set of children, I will tell you we rarely have days like this. But I'm thankful for the few the Lord gives me. Usually just getting through school, meals, daily dishes and a load of laundry is a challenge, so extra stuff is a bonus.

And I have all this lovely snow to look at!

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