Monday, January 14, 2008

New Store Discovery

I have discovered a new store and a new line of clothing. The store is Steve and Barry's and the line is Bitten by Sara Jessica Parker. Steve and Barry's sells affordable clothing for the entire family. It's like a cheaper Old Navy. Bitten does not have any thing over $20: jeans, coats, shoes, etc.

I went to check it out. (Go online to find a store near you.) The entire store was on sale with nothing over $8.98. They called it "Winter Clearance". I got a cute, new, stylish pair of jeans for $8.98 from the Bitten Line.

I don't know how they will wear. It might be worth it to pay a bit more for a longer lasting jean but we shall see. The price was good but they are made overseas- a trade-off. I will go back in a couple of months. I'm hoping to find cute, modest, everyday skirts or dresses for affordable prices. Spring tends to be the best season to look for skirts and dresses.

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