Friday, January 18, 2008

Christmas Cactus Finally Blooms!

My pastor's wife gave me this cactus fall of 2006. She had had it for awhile and it had never bloomed. She asked if I thought I could get it to bloom. I have a very bad indoor plant reputation. I can only take plants that thrive on neglect, but I said sure I'd take it and give it a try. Finally about mid-December of 2007 (last month) it started getting buds. I thought, "Oh, boy I'll be able to give back the cactus as a Christmas present surprise but the first of the blooms didn't open up until two days ago.

Dana over at had her cactus blooming in Oct. or Nov. but I'm just happy to see this one bloom at all. It is a very sad looking thing, even with its blooms, but I am satisfied. It truly is a plant that thrives on neglect and then sudden over watering by children trying to help it.
Mrs U. over at had just asked a few days ago what we all had blooming and I told her I only had snow blooming. Well, Mrs. U. now I have real blooms!

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Penless Thoughts said...

I love the Christmas cactus but we have never been able to get them to bloom after the first year.
Good for you on this one!!!

ellen b. said...

I think it's exciting that it bloomed period! Enjoy it!

Barbara H. said...

The blooms are pretty! I'm glad it finally did bloom. I am not good with plants at all.

Edi said...

very pretty. Mine was blooming back around November I think - and the flowers were light pink.

I can't take any credit though...I bought it partially blooming from Aldi!

Jendi said...

It's a beautiful flower.
I have a "black thumb." My poor plants. Glad to hear of your success.

Dana said...


Our cactus that was blooming in October or November is STILL blooming! I think the secret is to stop watering it around the beginning/middle of September. We bring it in around then and stop watering it and voila!...blooming like crazy before Thanksgiving!
Your cactus is gorgeous!!!


nannykim said...

nice--I am terrible at plants too--I have killed cacti--however I do have a plant given to me when my oldest son was born. He is now 27!! You can't kill this plant--amazing.

Lana G! said...