Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Target Clearance Racks

Note the ninja turtle slippers that go so well with the dress...LOL!

Note the "poser" in the background!

If you are in the need for children's clothes or clothes for yourself or spouse, Target (at least my local store) has rack after rack of clothing on discount every things from 30% to 75% off. I managed to find outfits for all four kids for under $26 total. At 2 pieces each that averages $3.25 per item. Not bad for new clothing. I was pleased. Got to love it when it's the dead of winter and they are clearing out winter clothes to make room for spring wear. I need to remember to never buy clothes at the start of a season. Wait till mid-season and they'll be much cheaper!

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Dana said...

I wish we had a Target! The closest one is over an hour away. The clearance racks are my favorite part. You did really, really well!