Saturday, January 5, 2008

No Privacy!

I know, as a mother, and I'm sure you all do to, that once you have children you forfit your right to privacy in the bathroom. I am used to it- or so I thought.

This morning I was in the bathroom, doing what most do, and in barrels my three year old. Normally this doesn't bother me but my older daughters had a friend sleep over and they were just feet away in the living room watching Saturday morning cartoons. So I tell my littlest to come in and shut the door.

Unfortunately what my 3 year old wanted was help with a toy, not just my company. Well, okay, just wait a couple of minutes and I'll help you. But my daughter was not willing to be patient. Before I knew what was happening, she's flinging the door wide open and hauling in one of her toy baby cribs that she can barely get through the door.

So there I am, on the pot, trying to get my daughter back out the door with her toy and hoping that my guest doesn't come around the corner at any time.

Can I just say what a blessing two bathrooms in one house would be. Someday! I must keep the hope. Bright sides: we have a bathroom that I don't need to go outside to use, my daughters friend didn't come around the corner and I was able to complete my business before helping out the three year old.

You gotta wonder- where exactly was the husband and how many times did the littlest have to walk past him to get to me? Good times, Good times!


Jendi said...

I'm so glad our bathroom door has a lock! I, too, dream of two bathrooms.

Cyndi Lewis said...

Ours does have a lock, I just never use it just in case the newly trained girl needs to pop in and use her potty chair.

I'm thinking next time we have company she can either learn to wait or I can put her chair outside. LOL!

Dana said...

Funny, funny story!
We have the same problem around here. (We do have a half-bath too.) Would you believe I have problems with one of the CATS??? She thinks when I'm in the bathroom, she has to come in there with me? How crazy is that??? :-) I keep saying we're gonna change her name to Visa because she's everywhere we want to be. lol


Laura said...

I love your story! How well I can relate! Especially the part about "how many times did she walk past Daddy to go to all the trouble to get to you?!" Why is it that when Daddy is actually home to help (and he's also very willing to help) the kids don't even think to ask him? So silly!