Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Project Completed But Husband Fishing!

I'm pleased to say that I did complete yesterday's redecorating project (last evening). Unfortunately, I have no pictures yet as the DH took the camera with him today on a fishing trip. Here in Western Michigan is has been in the 60's (yesterday) and the 50's (today). All our snow has melted and it has been pouring down rain. I didn't know I transported myself back to the Pacific Northwest, LOL! Anyway it makes for good fishing, so the DH and his buddies headed up to try and catch the "big" fish. It is a catch and release river, hence the need for the camera. I hope to take some pictures of my project tomorrow morning and post them. I'm trying to take both sets (before and after) at the same time of day so the lighting is the same. ( BTW the picture of my DH is from last year. He's hoping for even bigger fish today.)

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