Thursday, February 14, 2008

Christian Literary Agency

Publishing is a tough biz to break into. Most of the bigger publishing houses (Christian and mainstream) won't even look at unsolicited manuscripts. They only look at agented submissions. So, one has to find an agent.

Most agents will also tell you that they don't spend much time on unsolicited manuscripts or queries. They prefer looking at projects that come recommended to them. So, you have to know somebody.

Agents say the best way to get an invite to send your work in is to attend conferences and meet agents and publishers face to face. Great... I have $600 to spend on a conference... NOT! It is very frustrating.

Anywhoo... I hope to finish my first novel this year. (I have to find snatches of time to write.) I am already researching agents. I wish I could go to a conference but in our family's current financial situation, I just can't. From current reading, I have found Alive Communications (

They have a very tough/specific submission policy but they do have a couple of agents that will look at unsolicited proposals. So if you are in the market for an agent, it might be worth your while to check them out. They represent a great variety of writing types.

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