Thursday, February 21, 2008

I've been listed!!!!

Nothing lifts a lonely blogger's heart than being listed on someone else's blog with out having to ask! Over at, my site is listed under "blog candy". Oh, what a uplifting moment! Thank you soooo... much! Go on over and spend some time there. It is a beautiful site with lots of great stuff. Oh... you do have to do some clicking to find my link. You have to click on the "homemaking cottage" link on the left and then you have to click on "cottage blog". That will bring you to the Sanity With Seven page and I'm under the blog candy listing on the left. Yes, little things make my day!


Jendi said...

Congrats to you!
I honestly thought I had you listed. I'm so sorry! You are in my Links now. I'm ashamed it took me this long. You've been in my Bloglines since the beginning if that counts at all.

I've got to keep you happy so that when you are a famous author I'll still be your friend. ;)

Cyndi Lewis said...

Thanks Jendi, but I hope I'm not that shallow. LOL! However, the more research I do on the publishing biz, it's me who needs all the friends I can get. I have to take a long hard look at if I can give the "biz" as much time as it may need. You would think it's just writing down a story but it is so much more than just writing.

Connie Marie said...

You must be a joy to your husband! So easy to thrill!